I sort of stumbled into 2017.

I arrived with a messy task list, some broken workflows and a desperate need to replace Evernote with something.

Happily I managed to get on top of all three issues.

For my task list, I consolidated back to using OmniFocus exclusively. I had been farming a subset of tasks out to Due and Reminders, but found that the disjointed scattered approach really didn’t work for me. OmniFocus is a phenomenal app that sits in a customisable GTD sweet spot that really works for me. It's been made even better lately with URL scheme support on the iPhone. You can now use Drafts to quickly write up a task using Task Paper format and OmniFocus will import it perfectly and apply due dates etc. automatically.

My main issue with workflow was for photos, but I seem to have that well sorted now by just moving the whole thing to Lightroom on the iPad, relying on Apple for backup and using SmugMug exclusively for publishing.I really love editing photos on the iPad. The screen is incredible and it just feels great to be able to touch and draw on your photos with the pencil. It's feels right to just kick back on the couch and work through your photos.

My other workflow issue was for this blog, solved simply by grabbing the new version of Desk. It’s great, a few minor reliability issues aside.

I loved Evernote as a ‘organise everything' solution. Having everything in a single place, with great search, was just so damn useful that I overlooked the falling reliability, questionable design decisions, price hikes, and privacy concerns. However, the recent (now retracted) change to allow employees to read my notes was the last straw. I decided to bail on Evernote.

The problem I had was finding a replacement that did everything that I wanted it to. I eventually stumbled across DEVONthink. So far it seems perfect. Importing all my Evernote notes was smooth and fast and organisation is easy. The iPhone and iPad apps are great and capture works really well on all devices. Best of all you can automatically store an encrypted backup on DropBox. I'm still testing, but this really seems to be the solution I was looking for.

In other news, we had two visitors this week, Loki the Finnish Lapphund, who we are baby sitting while his humans are having a holiday. He's a bit silly and has taken a few days to get into the routine, but has settled into he pack nicely. Pix absolutely loves him and they have spent long days playing with each other.

We also have a rescue Cockatiel that we are fostering. We have christened him BirdieBird for the time being and he is a wonderfully chatty and friendly fella, who seems to be happy enough. Hopefully his family gets in touch soon so we can get him back to them.